1. October 14th

From the recording The Body Moves, Pt. I

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October 14th

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We recorded this track in the still forest of Elizaville, NY, at if memory serves, almost precisely 3 AM on a fall day. It was the last song of a week-long recording session. Every take was done completely live and all of the instruments and vocals you hear were performed together without comping. Making this song, like making anything you love, was magic.


Mixed by Melina Duterte (Jay Som), Ian McNally, and Daniel Bloch
Mastered by Idania Valencia at Sterling Sound

Demeter is Kate Rivera, Ian McNally, Daniel Bloch, Tim Bustle, and John Mason
Written by Kate Rivera (ASCAP)


Why wouldn't I feel at home with you?
Why wouldn't I stay awhile, stay awhile?