1. Monster

From the recording The Body Moves, Pt. I

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Mixed by Melina Duterte (Jay Som), Ian McNally, and Daniel Bloch
Mastered by Idania Valencia at Sterling Sound

Written by Kate Rivera (ASCAP)

Performed by Demeter
Demeter is Kate Rivera, Ian McNally, Daniel Bloch, Tim Bustle, and John Mason


In her the water
In her the weathered stone
She's woven her dreams in a braid
It seems that she's got nothing to prove

In him the earth
In him the rolling road
He's taken his fears to the fire, dear
and he's got nothing to prove

Choose your monsters well for you use them recklessly

Honor the arches
Honor the fallen brave
They've taken their rest
They've given their blessings
Saying we've got nothing to lose
We've got nothing to prove